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Newly opened Tajik dairy marks a milestone in milk processing

Country: Tajikistan
The Murghab district is populated by semi-nomadic communities, mostly of Kyrgyz origin. People living in the highlands of... [watch video]

More money, milk and meat: Promoting mass artificial insemination for Ethiopian cattle

Country: Ethiopia
International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)- Produced about the work of the Improving Productivity and Market Success (IPMS) of... [watch video]

Living from milk: Transforming dairying in Tanzania

Country: Tanzania
This is the story of Faustina Akyoo, a dairy farmer from Tanga in Tanzania, who talks about the benefits of dairying and being a member of the Tanga Dairy... [watch video]

Cows in the city: A living from milk

Country: Tanzania
This film tells the story of Sheha Saidi, a dairy farmer from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, who shares her experiences of the differences between keeping dairy cattle in the city... [watch video]

MilkIT: Enhancing dairy-based livelihoods in India through feed innovation

Country: India
Video sharing results of the MilkIT project in Uttarakhand (India). The project was funded by IFAD. [watch video]

Shamba Shape Up -Dairy

Country: Kenya
The Shamba Shape Up programme is showing how to improve management and feeding of dairy cows kept by small farmers. [watch video]

Dairy in Southeast Asia: A Rapid overview of key trends and some issues

Country: Thailand
World Milk Day 2013 A Healthy and Prosperous Southeast Asia: Where Fits Dairy? [watch video]

ASEAN Community Building: Challenges and Opportunities for the Livestock and Dairy Sector

Country: Thailand
World Milk Day 2013 A Healthy and Prosperous Southeast Asia:Where Fits Dairy? [watch video]

La Laiterie du Berger & Dolima: au bon lait du Sénégal !

Country: Senegal
La Laiterie du Berger produit les yaourts Dolima.Ce sont les seuls produits laitiers à base de lait collecté auprès des éleveurs du Sénégal.Bon pour moi, bon pour mon... [watch video]

River of milk -- Afghan dairy farmers prosper

Country: Afghanistan
The dairy sector in Afghanistan is thriving. Thousands of small farmers are benefiting from an FAO project funded by Italy that is improving the collection, processing and marketing of their... [watch video]
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