Dairy production and products


Dairy goat feeding

Country: Kenya
Goats eat just about anything. But when goats are kept tied or penned up, they need lots of water, a good mix of feed and enough of it. By giving... [watch video]

Asia NewsFlash: A glass of Asian milk for every Asian child

Country: Thailand
It is common knowledge that a daily glass of milk can make a big difference in improving the nutrition of children -- and at the same time has great benefits... [watch video]

Draining off the liquid whey

Videos on Milk and dairy products, post-harvest losses and food safety in sub-Saharan Africa and the Near East: three-year PFL FAO project helping countries cut losses in dairy sector. [watch video]

Camel Milk- Intensive system

Country: United Arab Emirates

Central Kenya Dairy: improving dairy production

Country: Kenya
Central Kenya Dairy, a dairy association in Kenya whose experience describes the set-up of partnerships in order to improve the dairy production quality   [watch video]

Small-scale Dairying in Northeast India

Country: India
The rising demand for dairy products within India is giving millions of the country's small-scale dairy farmers opportunities to sell more of their products. Research is helping farmers in... [watch video]

From cows to camels: adapting to Africa's drying climates

Many of Africa's grazing lands are becoming drier with climate change. Some pastoral communities that have traditionally herded cattle, sheep and goats across these lands are switching to camels.... [watch video]

Milk and Dairy Hygiene (FAO Georgia)

Country: Georgia
Food and Agriculture Organization in Georgia has filmed some of the best and worst practices of milk and dairy production in Georgia. [watch video]
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