The AGROVOC Linked Dataset


Born in the early eighties as a multilingual authority file of agricultural index terms, AGROVOC has steadily evolved these last thirty years, moving to an electronic version around the year 2000 and shortly thereafter embracing the Semantic Web. Today AGROVOC is a SKOS-XL concept scheme published as Linked Open Data cloud, containing links (as well as backlinks) and references to many other Linked Datasets in the LOD cloud. In this paper we provide a brief historical summary of AGROVOC and detail its specification as a Linked Dataset.


Caracciolo, Caterina and Stellato, Armando and Morshed, Ahsan and Johannsen, Gudrun and Rajbahndari, Sachit and Jaques, Yves and Keizer, Johannes The AGROVOC Linked Dataset. Semantic Web, 2013, vol. 4, n. 3, pp. 341-348. [Journal article (Print/Paginated)]

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