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List of events

Enhancing Capacity to Assess Climate Change Risks and Inform transformative Resilience and Adaptation in Agriculture
17.07.2019 - 19.07.2019 Bangkok, Thailand
Regional Forum on Antimicrobial Stewardship in Agriculture
11.07.2019 - 12.07.2019 Bangkok, Thailand
Emergency Response and Preparedness Training (Asia)
08.07.2019 - 12.07.2019 Bangkok, Thailand
Training of Trainers for the Disease Prioritization Process for ASEAN
03.07.2019 - 05.07.2019 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Asia-Pacific Forestry Week 2019: Forests for Peace and Well-being
17.06.2019 - 21.06.2019 Incheon, Republic of Korea
FAO/AFA Gender and Value Chain Workshop
12.06.2019 - 14.06.2019 Kathmandu, Nepal
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