Изменение климата


Этот раздел содержит информацию о предстоящих мероприятиях с участием ФАО, которые связаны с проблемой изменения климата. 

UN Climate Change Conference (COP26)
01 November 2021 - 12 November 2021

FAO is hosting “Green cities to build back better for SDGs - A new powerful venture”, to be held on the occasion of the 75th Session of the United Nations General Assembly. The virtual event will launch the “FAO Green...

A new powerful and user-friendly access to big data

Earth Map and the Hand-in-Hand Geospatial Platform bring the Google Earth Engine power and the large FAO data catalogue to everyone’s computer, enabling any user to undertake complex analysis of earth observation,...

Part 1 of Climate Action and the FAO’s digital event series - The Great Food Challenge - delivers 75 minutes of deep dive discussion on how to build resilience into our recovery, improve inclusion and ensure economic growth across our...

The arrival of the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) has had a great impact on agriculture and food systems in Asia and the Pacific, a region already beset by climate and weather related challenges, such as droughts and flooding.

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