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The Paris Agreement, adopted in December 2015, represents a new beginning in the global effort to stabilize the climate before it is too late. It recognizes the importance of food security in the international response to climate change, as reflected by many countries focusing prominently on the agriculture sector in their planned contributions to adaptation and mitigation. To help put those plans into action, this report identifies strategies, financing opportunities, and data and information needs. It also describes transformative policies and institutions that can overcome barriers to implementation.

Agriculture is facing an unprecedented confluence of pressures that urges for profound changes in our food and agriculture (crops, livestock, forestry, fisheries, and aquaculture) systems.

Overview and Key messages
7.1 Introduction 
7.2 Climate change impacts 
7.3 Sustainable crop production intensification 
7.4 Underlying principles: management of natural biological processes 
7.5 Climate-smart approaches and practices 
7.6 Conclusions

Overview and Key messages 
8.1 Introduction 
8.2 Adaptation and mitigation needs 
8.3 Climate-smart livestock 
8.4 Conclusions

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