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 يكرَّس هذا القسم لأهمية رصد الأراضي الجافة وتقييمها. فقد أتاحت العديد من المبادرات بقيادة منظمة الأغذية والزراعة تحقيق التقدم على هذين الصعيدين، بما في ذلك " وعد روما بشأن رصد وتقييم الأراضي الجافة في مجال الإدارة المستدامة والإعادة إلى الحالة الأصلية" والذي أعلن خلال "الأسبوع الأول لرصد الأراضي الجافة"، وكذلك مبادرة التقييم العالمي للأراضي الجافة. 

The Rome Promise

At its 22nd session in June 2014, the Committee on Forestry (COFO) requested FAO to undertake, within the framework of the FAO Global Forest Resources Assessment (FRA) and contingent upon the availability of extra-budgetary funding, a global assessment of the extent and status of drylands forests, rangelands and agrosilvopastoral systems

To speed-up the implementation of the COFO request above, FAO organized in January 2015 with partners inside and outside FAO a first drylands monitoring week under the theme: Monitoring and Assessment of Drylands: Forests, Rangelands, Trees and Agrosilvopastoral Systems

During the event, several international agreements and initiatives calling for restoration of degraded lands were highlighted. Participants also highlighted that an appropriate and sustainable monitoring and assessment system, including a comprehensive baseline and participatory approaches, is necessary for effective management and restoration of natural capital in drylands

In their conclusion of the event, participants committed to the Rome Promise on Monitoring and Assessment of Drylands for Sustainable Management and Restoration and corresponding actions including to

Form an open-ended collaborative network or community of practice to advance monitoring and assessment of drylands, including an understanding of their users;

communicate the value and importance of drylands monitoring to relevant stakeholders, including policy makers and resource partners; and

develop a dynamic road map

The full text is available here