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Seed Systems, Farmers’ Welfare and CGR


This project has the dual purpose of developing a methodology which can be widely applied and of producing empirical evidence derived from case studies. The project was funded by the FAO Netherlands Partnership Program (FNPP), under the Access, Exchange and Sustainable Utilization of Agricultural Biodiversity component of the program (AESU). Results of the project led to the development of the “Using markets to promote the sustainable utilization of CGRs”.

The strategy adopted to meet the research objectives was to carry out a case study as a tool for testing the methodological approaches. The case study selection criteria included the following:

1. A site with a good pool of crop genetic diversity and for which some threat of genetic erosion or vulnerability exists;
2. A site where food and seed security is of major concern;
3. A site where some readily verifiable variation in the seed-supply system was evident to allow for studies of the impact of variation in the seed supply.


Courtesy of Regina Laubb