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Access to markets for small actors in the roots and tubers sector. Tailored financial services and climate risk management tools to link small farmers to markets

FAO Agricultural Development Economics Technical Study 5
Massimo Pera, Margherita Bavagnoli and Niclas Benni (FAO) [ 2019 ]
The roots and tubers industry in sub-Saharan Africa has been growing steadily in recent years. Nevertheless, a series of challenges, [...]

Agricultural policy incentives in sub-Saharan Africa in the last decade (2005–2016)

FAO Agricultural Development Economics Technical Study 3
Valentina Pernechele, Jean Balié and Léopold Ghins (FAO) [ 2018 ]
The study summarizes the results emerging from the 2017 update of the Monitoring and Analysing Food and Agricultural Policies (MAFAP) [...]
It is generally assumed that there are strong links between conflict, food security and peace. However, the precise underlying causes [...]
Institutional food procurement programmes (IFPPs) refer to initiatives that are designed to link institutional demand for food to broader development [...]