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 - General situation during December 2020 and Forecast until mid-February 2021
 - The document is the revised version of the previously published Desert locust crisis appeal, providing an update and expansion of FAO's funding requirements for rapid response and sustained actions in the Greater Horn of Africa and Yemen to address the ongoing crisis. It is expected the document will help to guide programme development, promote advocacy ...read more
 - Depuis mars 2020, la Commission de lutte contre le criquet pèlerin dans la région occidentale (CLCPRO) et le Service d’information sur le criquet pèlerin (DLIS) de l’Organisation des Nations Unies pour l’alimentation et l’agriculture (FAO) alertaient sur la possible arrivée d’essaims en Afrique de l’Ouest et au Sahel en provenance ...read more
 - General situation during November 2020 and forecast until mid-January 2021. 
 - Key messages: The desert locust (DL) breeding and invasion in Ethiopia is now centered in Somali region. Mature swarms continue to cross into the region, from Somalia. All planes and helicopters have been moved to the new epicenter of the operation (Jigjiga, Gode, Kebridehar). Hatching and band formation is projected to continue in November and beyond. According to ...read more
 - General situation during October 2020 and forecast until mid-December 2020. 
 - With over seven decades of experience in detecting, reporting and managing desert locust infestations, and five decades in preventing and responding to humanitarian emergencies, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations works closely with affected countries, providing crucial technical support and guidance in response to the 2020 desert locust upsurge. Since ...read more
 - General situation during September 2020 and forecast until mid-November 2020.
 - General situation during August 2020 and forecast until mid-October 2020.
 - Key messages:  Since the beginning of August, mature swarms crossed from Yemen, reaching Afar (Afambo, Elidare, Mile, Adar, Chifra and Awar). FAO has repositioned two planes in Afar to intensify control operations Active movement of immature DL swarms between Somalia and eastern Ethiopia Continuous ground and aerial survey carried out in Afar, SNNP, Somali, Amhara, Oromia ...read more
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