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En Guinée, la préfecture de Coyah, située à un peu...
26 February 2016
In the framework of its support to Ebola recovery, the...
25 February 2016
The outbreak of the Ebola Virus Disease has a multi-sectoral...
25 January 2016


Impact of the Ebola virus disease outbreak on market chains and trade of agricultural products in West Africa
This new FAO publication brings an innovative contribution to the existing research work on Ebola. ...
01 June2016
FAO Quarterly Early Warning Bulletin for Food and Agriculture - No. 17 October-December 2015
Highlights Animal and aquatic diseases: With the upcoming winter, the forecast for Avian Influenza is as follows:− ...
15 October2015
FAO Quarterly Early Warning Bulletin for Food and Agriculture - No. 16 July-September 2015
Highlights The unprecedented Ebola virus disease outbreak continues to impact the food security, economies and livelihoods ...
16 July2015
Ebola Outbreak West Africa: FAO Response Programme (October 2014 – December 2015) - Updated version June 2015
FAO STRATEGY The most urgent priority of FAO and all UN partners is stopping the epidemic ...
16 June2015



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