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Crop and livestock activities are extremely sensitive to climate and...
07 April 2015
In the early weeks of the South Sudan crisis last...
31 March 2015
In 2015, FAO seeks USD 697 million to assist around...
04 March 2015


crop kit

188 229 kitsContains
20kg of quality crop seeds and 1 hoe

One year of staple crops for a whole family

vegetable kit

208 563 kitsContains
180g of assorted quality vegetable seeds and 1 hoe

6 months of nutritious vegetables for one family

fishing kit

172 753 kitsContains
2 spools of twine, 1 box of hooks, monofilament and 1sun-drying net per 5HHs

fishing capacity to feed 25 families for one day

animal health kit

2.4 mln vaccinatedContains
regular replenishment of drugs and equipment to protect livestock

Animal health services for 80 families for 4-6 months


1.5million forced from home by conflict
2.8million suffering from crisis or emergency levels of food insecurity
89.2million FAO is appealing for to support 2.8 million people
4.1million in urgent need of humanitarian assistance


South Sudan - Situation update March/April 2015
According to normal seasonal patterns, food insecurity in South Sudan hits its peak between April ...
15 April2015
South Sudan livestock strategy paper
Situation Overview The political crisis in South Sudan has resulted in massive fighting among rival military ...
30 March2015
South Sudan - Situation update February 2015
Latest situation 2.5 million people face Emergency and Crisis food insecurity between January and March 2015. ...
26 February2015
FAO South Sudan Emergency Livelihood Response Programme
Since the crisis erupted in December 2013, FAO in South Sudan has been committed to “stay and deliver”. Although ...
31 December2014


In Million USD


Fighting breaks out in Juba and spreads to Jonglei, Unity and Upper Nile States

Thousands are killed, people flee their homes, and aid stocks are looted

15-22 DECEMBER 2013
7 MARCH 2014

First Rains in Juba cause flooding in UN bases

Serious concerns of water-borne disease especially cholera

The number of people displaced by the conflict exceeds 1 million

Many displaced outside South Sudan causing fears of regional refugee crisis

26 MARCH 2014
9 MAY 2014

Salva Kiir and Riek Machar sign an agreement to resolve the crisis

Under increasing international pressure and US-led sanctions bringing hope to an end to the violence

South Sudan Humanitarian Conference in Oslo

Donors pledge an additional USD 600 million amid reports of high famine risk and crimes against humanity

20 MAY 2014


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