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Food crises continue to strike and acute hunger intensifies
22/03/2018 - A new report out today sounds the alarm regarding surging ...
In Somalia massive livestock losses have severely impacted livelihoods and food security
21/03/2018 - In Somalia massive livestock deaths due to drought - 60 ...
Detecting a high-risk strain of avian influenza for the first time in Myanmar
20/03/2018 - Animal health workers in Myanmar detected a strain of avian ...
Disasters causing billions in agricultural losses with drought leading the way
15/03/2018 - Natural disasters are costing farmers in the developing world billions ...
Creating alternative livelihoods for farming families in Iraq
14/03/2018 - In 2017, conflict in Iraq caused new displacements, while other ...

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Global report on food crises 2018
Around 124 million people in 51 countries face Crisis food insecurity or worse....
Disease threats
Protecting people and animals from disease threats.
Saving livelihoods ­­­– 2017
FAO assisted crisis-hit populations in more than 50 countries.