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Food and nutrition security in times of drought is key to achieving peace in the Horn of Africa
21/10/2020 - Over the past five decades, the Horn of Africa has ...
The invasive prosopis tree: turning a livelihood menace into a source of income in Somaliland
20/10/2020 - Prosopis julifora is a tree dreaded across the Horn of ...
UN agencies warn that acute food insecurity and nutrition crisis are surging in the Central Sahel
20/10/2020 - Three UN agencies are calling for greater stabilization efforts and ...
As FAO turns 75 its mission to end hunger and nourish the world is as relevant today as ever
16/10/2020 - Today, World Food Day marks the 75th anniversary of the ...
Afghanistan 1. Live animal market Ganj Rabat Ghulogh Injil dist. 29.07.2020 (2)_edited (002).JPG Protecting livestock herders and markets in times of COVID-19
15/10/2020 - FAO has been working to support vulnerable farmers in Afghanistan and prevent ...

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COVID-19 response
Addressing the impacts of COVID‑19 in food crises.
Desert locust
The desert locust upsurge could have devastating consequences in already vulnerable regions...
FAO 2020 appeals
Saving lives through stronger, more resilient livelihoods in 2020.