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EU provides FAO with funds to address deteriorating food security situation in Yemen
11/01/2017 - With 14 million people food insecure in strife-torn Yemen, the ...
Demining and repair initiative restores key irrigation canals farmland near Mosul
22/12/2016 - Some 200 000 people from Mosul and across Iraq will be able ...
Returning to cropping brings great rewards in northeastern Nigeria
22/12/2016 - In the vast agricultural spread of northeastern Nigeria, violence and ...
New and continued drought in the Horn of Africa threatens livelihoods and food security
20/12/2016 - Countries in the Horn of Africa are likely to see ...
FAO in the 2017 Humanitarian Appeals
19/12/2016 - In 2017, FAO seeks USD 1.05 billion to assist over ...

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FAO 2017 appeal
Saving livelihoods saves lives.
Hurricane Matthew
FAO is scaling up its emergency response to support Haitians affected by Hurricane...
El Niño and la Niña
El Niño has extensive consequences on global weather and climate patterns.