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Thanks to EU funding FAO provides bulls and other livestock to Borno’s youth
13/02/2019 - Youth in Borno – Nigeria’s worst affected northeastern state – ...
Early action to protect and enhance the livelihoods of drought-affected smallholder farmers in Malawi against the lingering 2018/2019 El Niño event
In 2019 FAO aims to provide 32 million people with livelihoods support to keep them on their feet
11/02/2019 - As global hunger numbers have continued to rise driven by ...
Venezuela Regional Refugee and Migrant Response Plan 2019
11/02/2019 - to assist 31 000 people FAO requires USD 7.4 million period January – December 2019                                 To ...
South Sudan Regional Refugee Response Plan 2019–2020
11/02/2019 - to assist 434 175 people FAO requires USD 34 million period January – December 2019                                 South ...

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FAO 2019 appeals
Saving lives through stronger, more resilient livelihoods in 2019.
Yemen crisis
The conflict in Yemen has escalated since March 2015, compounding an already severe...
El Niño
El Niño has extensive consequences on global weather and climate patterns.