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Increase food production in DPR of Korea

Increase food production in DPR of Korea

Full title of the project:

Increase food production through multiplication of seed potato and improve storage facility

Target areas:

Pyongyang, South Pyongan, North Hwanghae, South Hamgyong and South Hwanghae provinces

USD 212 912
Project code:

To safeguard the lives of food-insecure farming families by increasing potato production, strengthening multiplication of seed potato in net houses and improving storage facilities.

Key partners:

Ministry of Agriculture, the Academy of Agriculture Science, farmers from beneficiary cooperative farms.

Beneficiaries reached:

Ten beneficiary cooperative farms, comprising about 8 000 farming families, in five provinces.

Activities implemented:
  • Constructed ten net houses for multiplication of seed potato.
  • Constructed a seed storage facility on each cooperative farm and delivered a total of 1 200 plastic crates for potato storage.
  • Developed guidelines on seed multiplication and provided training on seed multiplication and improved storage on each cooperative farm.
  • Farmers on all ten cooperative farms stored seed potato in the new facilities for use during the February/March 2013 planting season.
  • One hundred potato technicians, engineers and farm mangers were trained on improved seed storage and seed multiplication techniques.
  • Some 1 560 guidelines on seed multiplication were distributed in Korean to potato-producing farms and line ministries, while 53 guidelines were distributed in English to international development partners.
  • Potato production and the area of land under potato cultivation are expected to increase, helping to alleviate food shortages during the lean season.