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Improve livelihoods in targeted drought-affected communities in Kenya

Improve livelihoods in targeted drought-affected communities in Kenya

Full title of the project:

Improve livelihoods in targeted drought-affected communities in Kenya

Target areas:

Mwingi District

USD 1 441 859
Project code:

The project objective was to improve livelihoods in the targeted drought-affected communities in the Mwingi District of Kenya.

Key partners:

Ministry of Agriculture and four local NGOs.

Beneficiaries reached:

128 beneficiaries were trained in food security information and early warning systems, 2 181 received training and assistance to increase their resilience and livelihoods, and 2 400 received training and increased access to HIV and AIDS services.

Activities implemented:
  • Vouchers for food (and to a lesser extent household assets) were distributed to members of 44 FFLSs (about 1 452 households or 7 260 individuals), totalling USD 140 000 or USD 96 per household.
  • Through voucher for work activities, 1 931 households constructed 97 850 kilometres of soil and water conservation structures, thereby conserving 1 200 acres of land.
  • Land husbandry knowledge improved among 44 FFLSs and 20 JFFLSs.
  • Income generation enterprises were identified and developed for 480 people living with HIV/AIDS who were too sick or weak to engage in agricultural activities.
  • FFLSs proved to be a powerful organizational structure for promoting social capital, inclusion and gender equality.
  • The role of women in community life was strengthened (71 percent of the established groups’ memberships are women).
  • Communities’ knowledge, attitudes and practices on HIV and AIDS were enhanced.
  • The early warning drought/food insecurity system was strengthened.