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Reactivación de la economía local de las familias rurales en Guatemala

Reactivación de la economía local de las familias rurales en Guatemala

Full title of the project:

Reactivación de la economía local de las familias rurales más vulnerables por las inundaciones en Guatemala

Target areas:

Departments of Totonicapán and Quiché

USD 500 000
Project code:

To implement a programme for the local procurement of grains and patio products, in order to strengthen families’ local economy and build their resilience by implementing risk management activities in the Departments of Quiché and Totonicapán.

Key partners:

Ministry of Agriculture and municipal governments.

Beneficiaries reached:

1 875 households.

Activities implemented:
  • Trained 136 promoters (43 women) on good agricultural practices, as well as 250 families and 160 producers with marketing potential on handling community grain reserves.
  • Distributed 17.5 tonnes of beans and 68 tonnes of maize grain for consumption, 0.23 tonnes of vegetable seeds, 1 500 water tank units for drinking, 63 livestock kits, 0.34 tonnes of oyster mushrooms mycelia, 25 500 meters of wire mesh for poultry batteries and 45.5 tonnes of chemical fertilizer as an incentive to implement good practices in familiar production systems, and to support diversification, access and availability of food in homes. The groups working in the community grain reserves received 275 silos and 125.3 tonnes of white maize grain to be stored.
  • Increased food availability through the production of 735 690 kg of vegetables with an estimated value of USD 124 501, diversified household diets and increased corn production.
  • Improved the technical and marketing capacity of farmers with the potential of commercializing maize, as well as established a collective of maize grain reserves.