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Emergency support to poor families in the Gaza Strip

Emergency support to poor families in the Gaza Strip

Full title of the project:

Emergency support to poor families in the Gaza Strip to restart open field vegetable production

Target areas:

Gaza City, North Gaza, Rafah and Khan Younis governorates of the Gaza Strip.

USD 415 163
Project code:

To enable vulnerable farmers in the Gaza Strip to resume agricultural production through land reclamation and preparation activities.

Key partners:

Job Creation Programme, Palestinian Water Authority, Union of Agriculture Work Committees, Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees, Hope of Seeds and Khuza Centre.

Beneficiaries reached:

The project directly benefited 600 poor farming families, consisting of approximately 4 044 individuals.

Activities implemented:
  • Reclaimed agricultural land in Al Zaitoun and Jabalia, including clearing, levelling and the preparation of soil.
  • Provided inputs for irrigated vegetable production, including water pipes for drip irrigation networks, organic fertilizer and vegetable seeds and seedlings.
  • Provided training to improve farming practices, increase crop diversity and enhance beneficiaries’ water management skills.
  • The 600 beneficiary households produced 2 400 metric tonnes of vegetable crops, resulting in revenue of approximately NIS 4 800 000 (NIS 2 per kg), or NIS 8 000 per beneficiary household.
  • Vegetable production activities helped to improve household food security status and also to protect the most vulnerable households from adopting negative coping mechanisms such as selling or abandoning productive assets.
  • Land reclamation activities helped to protect the area from desertification.
  • The project’s land reclamation activities generated work for 35 people, training workers in irrigation installation and basic vegetable production.