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Support to prevent spread and persistence of HPAI virus in Sudan

Support to prevent spread and persistence of HPAI virus in Sudan

Full title of the project:

Support to the Government of Sudan to prevent endemicity spread and persistence of HPAI virus in Sudan and its spread to neighbouring countries in the subregion

Target areas:


USD 375 000
Project code:

To assist the Government of Sudan to detect, prepare for and respond to AI outbreaks and mitigate consequences both to animal production and human health.

Key partners:

Federal (FMOARFs) and State Ministries of Animal Resources and Fisheries, Federal Ministry of Science and Technology and the Central Veterinary Research Laboratory.

Beneficiaries reached:

Government staff and veterinarians in North and Southern Sudan, poultry keepers in 17 states and the general public.

Activities implemented:
  • Procured and distributed key equipment to increase the capacity of the FMOARFs.
  • Various training workshops organized:
    i. AI refresher training for 18 participants in sample collection, biosafety and biosecurity, case definition and management, communication and awareness;
    ii. AI statistic and risk assessment training for 20 veterinarians;
    iii. AI surveillance and wild bird trapping for 10 participants from Southern Sudan;
    iv. real-time polymerase chain reaction training for 11 scientists; and
    v. training of training for control and eradication of HPAI for 70 veterinarians and health officers.
  • Data collected, analysed on disease outbreaks in HPAI-affected flocks to improve monitoring of the post-outbreak situation and disease investigation forms, a participatory disease search checklist and case definition developed for AI disease investigation.
  • Support provided to the development of an AI communication and public information campaign with UNICEF.
  • Established an information and experience exchange platform on HPAI.
  • Conducted field surveillance and collected samples from wild birds in Southern Sudan.
  • Increased capacity of both governments for HPAI surveillance and control.
  • Capacities of laboratories in both North and Southern Sudan improved.
  • Contributed to halting further HPAI outbreaks owing to increased surveillance.
  • Positively impacted on the livelihoods of poultry-keepers, protecting their flocks from disease.