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Improvement of storage facilities and post-harvest handling in Somalia

Improvement of storage facilities and post-harvest handling in Somalia

Full title of the project:

Improvement of storage facilities and post-harvest handling and storage practices in Bay Region of southern Somalia

Target areas:

Bay Region

USD 1 046 035
Project code:

To improve the livelihoods of Somali people by reducing food insecurity at the household level.

Key partners:

Three local NGOs.

Beneficiaries reached:

5 271 farmers (who received silos); 19 455 farmers, 56 artisans, 13 extension workers and 78 agrodealers (trained) and 500 farmers (who received drying mats).

Activities implemented:
  • Baseline survey and desk review conducted to examine post-harvest losses and storage practices.
  • Six master trainers trained in construction and maintenance of metal silos.
  • 56 artisans trained in construction of silos.
  • 19 artisans contracted to build silos for farming households.
  • 19 455 farmers trained in harvest and post-harvest losses, etc.
  • 78 agrodealers trained in maintenance and use of storage silos.
  • 5 271 silos distributed to farmers, 17 silos provided to Mukono Agricultural Research and Development Centre in Kampala, Uganda.
  • 500 farmers provided with plastic mats for drying seeds.
  • Improved storage facilities expected to contribute to better quality and longer lasting grains, as well as reducing risk of aflatoxin contamination.
  • The trained artisans passed their newly-acquired skills onto a further 250 artisans in their workshops.
  • Analysis of storage practices showed metal silo technology to be appropriate for the Somali context owing to low production and maintenance costs.
  • Increased awareness of the importance of proper storage techniques through market days and training sessions organized.