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Livelihood recovery for flood-affected communities in Ethiopia

Livelihood recovery for flood-affected communities in Ethiopia

Full title of the project:

Livelihood recovery for flood-affected communities in Amhara National Regional State

Target areas:

L/Armachho, Gonder Zuria, Delanta mekdella, Tenta Albuko woreda of Amhara Region.

USD 619 339
Project code:

To contribute to the livelihood recovery of flood-affected households in flood-affected woredas in the Amhara region.

Key partners:

The Amhara Bureau of Agriculture, Offices of Agriculture at the zone and woreda level, World Vision Ethiopia, CARE, Food for Hungry, CONCERN and Save the Children UK.

Beneficiaries reached:

15 125 households through the seed component.

Activities implemented:
  • Procured and distributed 334.4 tonnes of crop seeds (235.4 tonnes of chickpea, 65.25 tonnes of wheat, 18.75 tonnes of barley, 15 tonnes of teff), 255 kg of vegetable seeds and 217 tonnes of fertlizers in South Wello and north Gonder.
  • Procured and distributed 105 490 units of Albendazol (2 500 mg boli), 158 152 units of Albendazol (300 mg boli) and 13 712 vials of Ivermectin in six woredas as part of the animal health component.
  • Conducted training of trainers for 26 Community Animal Health Workers on communication skills, principals and methods of adult training, rural appraisal tools, community animal health systems, participative training, monitoring and evaluation and impact assessment.
  • Supported the vaccination of 655 823 sheep and goat and 474 710 cattle.
  • As a result of the crop inputs distributed under the project, beneficiaries were able to cultivate 1 701 hectares of land, yielding an estimated harvest of 2 041.1 tonnes, valued at USD 102 054.
  • The veterinary drugs and animal health services and training provided under the project has helped to protect the livestock assets in the targeted areas from health hazards.