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Livelihoods-based drought emergency response in Ethiopia

Livelihoods-based drought emergency response in Ethiopia

Full title of the project:

Livelihoods-based drought emergency response in Afar Regional State, Ethiopia

Target areas:

Afar Regional State

USD 655 149
Project code:

To protect the lives of 5 001 sheep and goats and 6 405 cattle belonging to 2 970 households; increase the availability of milk in beneficiary households by at least 50 percent; and investigate and recommend measures to overcome or minimize chronic livestock feed shortages in Afar Region.

Key partners:

Woreda Pastoral, Agricultural and Rural Development Offices, and Afar Pastoral, Agricultural and Rural Development Bureau.

Beneficiaries reached:

3 186 livestock-owning households.

Activities implemented:
  • Project beneficiaries were selected based on set criteria in collaboration with woreda- and kebele-level committees.
  • 46 000 multi-nutrient blocks (MNBs) and 48 647 bales of teff straw were provided to 14 113 animals belonging to 3 186 households.
  • Training was provided for 53 beneficiaries and 84 development agents on MNB production and use, livestock feed management and use, preventative and curative animal health practices and GIS.
  • An assessment of the state of livestock feed insecurities and strategies was conducted, and the findings and recommendations were disseminated.
  • Animals under nutritional stress regained their strength and resumed milk production.
  • Milk production in targeted cattle increased from 0.73 litres to 2.21 litres and in sheep and goats from 0 to 0.57 litres.
  • This significantly contributed to improving the health and nutrition of vulnerable groups, including children, pregnant and lactating women, the sick and the elderly.