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Emergency Response Programme to the humanitarian crisis in Somalia (2012) - DFID

Emergency Response Programme to the humanitarian crisis in Somalia (2012) - DFID

Full title of the project:

Emergency Response Programme to the humanitarian crisis in Somalia (2012) - DFID

Target areas:

Southern Somalia

USD 8 943 961
GBP 6 000 000
Project code:
OSRO/SOM/201/MUL Baby 06

To improve food availability and access in order to address immediate needs and strengthen the resilience of drought-affected communities in southern Somalia.

Key partners:

26 relevant ministries, respective regional and district offices in southern Somalia and area-specific NGOs.

Beneficiaries reached:

18 700 households received agricultural packages; 25 756 households received seeds; 20 211 households received fertilizer; 5 040 households received fodder inputs and training; 630 households received goats; 217 258 livestock-owning households benefited from vaccination campaigns; and 9 144 livestock-owning households benefited from vector control treatment.

Activities implemented:
  • Contributed to 20 percent of the agricultural packages, technical assistance and irrigation services distributed by the Emergency Programme in the Deyr 2012 season.
  • Distributed 753.65 tonnes of DAP fertilizer, 613.59 tonnes of sorghum seed and 409.06 tonnes of cowpea seed during the Gu 2013 season through the voucher system, accompanied by technical assistance on good agricultural practices.
  • Trained 5 040 households on fodder production and conservation techniques, and provided them with hay baling boxes and sisal twine for improved fodder production.
  • Procured 5 029 productive goats and ear tags to carry out restocking activities.
  • Procured vaccination and treatment doses for campaigns against peste des petits ruminants, sheep and goat pox, internal and external parasites, infectious diseases, blood parasites and vector control.
  • Contributed to rehabilitating the Mogadishu Central Veterinary Laboratory through the procurement of laboratory equipment.
  • Reached an estimated total production of 58 000 tonnes of sorghum and 48 000 tonnes of cowpea from the Deyr 2012 harvest.
  • An average yield of 3.1 tonnes of sorghum and 2.6 tonnes of cowpea is expected per ha planted from the Gu 2013 harvest.
  • Contributed to producing 3.5 million tonnes of animal feed by the Emergency Programme during project implementation.
  • Helped protect livestock against flood/drought-related diseases, thereby reducing morbidity rates and enhancing production through improved body conditions.
  • Strengthened the capacity of the Government to control transboundary animal diseases.
  • Improved household nutritional status and diet diversification.