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Tsunami livelihood recovery project in Somalia

Tsunami livelihood recovery project in Somalia

Full title of the project:

Tsunami livelihood recovery project

Target areas:

Puntland: Tohin, Hurdiya and Eyl

USD 1 579 646
Project code:

To recover and strengthen the fishing-based livelihoods of families affected by the 2004 tsunami in three communities of the Puntland region: Tohin, Hurdiya and Eyl.

Key partners:

Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources (MoFMR) and local partners.

Beneficiaries reached:

Approximately 1 183 households benefited from the project in Tohin, Hurdiya and Eyl.

Activities implemented:
  • Provided technical support for (i) the design and implementation of a small-scale fishing vessel licensing system and safety-at-sea scheme in the target areas; (ii) a review of current fisheries legislation to strengthen the regulation of fisheries associations; (iii) development of a suitable legal framework to regulate the design and implementation of public-private purchasing agreements, including audit and supervisory procedures.
  • Trained representatives of fisheries associations in the organization and management of fisheries associations;
  • Trained the staff of MoFMR in the organization and management of fishery extension services, fisheries data collection and analysis, small fishing vessel registration and safety at sea.
  • Improved fish receiving and marketing facilities by providing design and construction support, as well as equipment, training and capacity building.
  • The three fish receiving and marketing stations supported by the project contributed to increased availability of food and access to better incomes.
  • Improved the supervision and financial management of fish receiving and marketing facilities.