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Support to Somalia Water and Land Information Management early warning activities

Support to Somalia Water and Land Information Management early warning activities

Full title of the project:

Support to Somalia Water and Land Information Management (SWALIM) early warning activities

Target areas:


USD 500 000
Project code:

To produce quality flood and drought information and early warning products and services to inform humanitarian and emergency programming and responses in Somalia.

Key partners:

National and local disaster management authorities and a local NGO, the General Service Agency.

Beneficiaries reached:

Somalia Disaster Management Agency (SoDMA), Puntland Humanitarian Agency for Disaster Management (HADMA), Somaliland National Environment Research and Disaster Preparedness and Management Authority (NERAD), humanitarian agencies, local communities.

Activities implemented:
  • Collected weather data for drought analysis, integrated information into an online platform and developed a method to improve drought monitoring using satellite data.
  • Worked with SoDMA, HADMA and NERAD to monitor drought, sharing information with humanitarian agencies.
  • Provided office equipment to SoDMA to set up drought and flood early warning centres.
  • Trained 25 staff from line ministries and academic institutions on disaster risk reduction.
  • Procured six automatic groundwater monitoring stations.
  • Conducted a water sources survey of in Galmudug State to map strategic water sources and determine their operation status – 228 water sources were covered.
  • A web-based flood risk and response information management system was updated, integrating an SMS alert system that was developed.
  • Worked closely with the flood information group to analyse data collected from flood monitoring networks and produced flood and storm watch bulletins, flood maps, hydro-meteorological updates.
  • Fifty-eight regular bulletins including three-day rainfall forecasts, seven-day flood watch, dekadal (10-days) rainfall bulletins, and flood alerts produced during the Deyr 2015 rains.
  • Drought data acquired was used to compute the standardized precipitation index, which revealed drought conditions in most parts of Somaliland and Puntland.
  • Newly acquired automatic groundwater aquifer monitoring systems acquire and transmit data via satellite, with minimal human intervention, ensuring their sustainability.
  • Water sources study recommendations will be used to guide Government and partners’ actions to improve spatial distribution of water sources and meet increasing demand.
  • During the flooding in the Deyr 2015, the SMS alert disseminated early warning information to over 4 000 people in flood-affected areas of south-central Somalia.
  • The system also warned communities and authorities along the coast of Puntland about the Megh and Chapala Cyclones two hours before they hit, enabling them to prepare.