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Support for rural women's economic empowerment in Mali

Support for rural women's economic empowerment in Mali

Full title of the project:

Support for rural women's economic empowerment in the context of food insecurity and climate change in Mali

Target areas:

Koulikoro, Mopti and Ségou

USD 2 914 662
Project code:

To improve rural women’s access to factors of production, economic opportunities and decent employment, and to reduce the socioeconomic vulnerability of women living in poverty and who are affected by food insecurity and climate change.

Key partners:

Decentralized technical services, local authorities, Non-governmental Organizations and the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women).

Beneficiaries reached:

2 313 vulnerable households under Component 1 (FAO) and 6 866 people (of which 6 454 women) under Component 2 (UN Women).

Activities implemented:
  • Carried out a needs analysis and consulted with all actors involved in the identified areas to define all operational aspects of the intervention.
  • Distributed the necessary material to install fences, and secure and establish market gardens.
  • Drilled boreholes and installed solar pumping systems in 25 gardens.
  • Installed drip irrigation systems in 14 market gardens.
  • Distributed 19 624.4 kg of vegetable seeds, 22 000 kg of millet seeds, 2 500 kg of sorghum seeds, 22 000 kg of fertilizer, 816 watering cans and 5 100 hoes.
  • Organized training sessions for 25 women’s associations on: (i) vegetable production techniques; and (ii) management of market gardens.
  • Rehabilitated 14 processing facilities and provided equipment (e.g. solar cooker, solar dryer, etc.).
  • Trained 780 beneficiary women in processing techniques, marketing and labelling of local products and provided them with small working material (e.g. gas stove, garbage can, juicer, glass jars, plastic bottles, etc.).
  • Trained 50 youths on the operating method and management of processing equipment.
  • Established revolving funds for the diversification of the income generating activities of women and youth.
  • Trained beneficiary women on improved stoves.
  • Conducted a study on promising agriculture and market gardening sectors.
  • Cultivated 311.45 ha of land and produced a total of 5 631 667 kg of vegetables with an estimated value of USD 2 165 683.
  • Cultivated 2 450 ha of land and produced a total of 1 985 000 kg of millet and sorghum with an estimated value of USD 555 800.
  • Reinforced the technical capacities of beneficiaries thanks to the various trainings carried out.
  • Contributed to improve the economic conditions of beneficiary women.