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Signature Date Title Recipient Contribution (USD) Donor Project Code
15/03/2021 Monitoring, evaluation and rationalization of water use for Agriculture Sector in Libya
Libya, State of 975 323 Italy OSRO/LIB/002/ITA
19/10/2020 Somalia | Hirshabelle Resilient Riverine Project (HRRP)
Somalia 7 109 005 Italy OSRO/SOM/003/ITA
16/03/2020 Desert locust response in Eritrea to mitigate impacts on food security and livelihoods
Eritrea 414 011 Italy OSRO/ERI/001/ITA
31/12/2019 Critical interventions for drought-affected and food insecure populations in Djibouti
Djibouti 558 035 Italy OSRO/DJI/904/ITA
30/01/2019 Amélioration des conditions nutritionnelles des enfants et femmes enceintes et allaitantes par la production alimentaire dans les territoires de Djugu et Mahagi dans la province de l'Ituri
Democratic Republic of the Congo 561 028 Italy OSRO/DRC/901/ITA
07/01/2019 Emergency response to protect the endangered livelihoods and food security of vulnerable Palestinian
West Bank & Gaza Strip 750 852 Italy OSRO/GAZ/803/ITA
04/01/2019 “Integrated response to improve the nutritional status of drought-affected communities in Red Sea State by restoring and sustaining food security and nutrition”
Sudan 593 774 Italy OSRO/SUD/809/ITA
12/12/2018 Programme for Somalia Water and Land Information Management (SWALIM) - Phase VI
Somalia 3 412 969 Italy OSRO/SOM/816/ITA
27/07/2018 Supporting the livelihoods of farmers and women groups in Syria
Syria 1 169 434 Italy OSRO/SYR/801/ITA
05/12/2017 Programa de Asistencia Técnica para el fortalecimiento, coordinación, articulación de la Gestión del Riesgo e incremento de la resiliencia en Bolivia
Bolivia 1 695 109 Italy OSRO/BOL/701/ITA
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