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Signature Date Title Recipient Contribution (USD) Donor Project Code
04/02/2021 Enhancing resilience of family farming of native indigenous peasant people with a gender and generational approach for COVID 19 recovery
Bolivia 2 072 343 Canada OSRO/BOL/002/CAN
29/06/2020 Proyecto de Gestión de Riesgos y Resiliencia en la Chiquitanía
Bolivia 434 169 Sweden OSRO/BOL/001/SWE
05/12/2017 Programa de Asistencia Técnica para el fortalecimiento, coordinación, articulación de la Gestión del Riesgo e incremento de la resiliencia en Bolivia
Bolivia 1 695 109 Italy OSRO/BOL/701/ITA
11/05/2017 Strengthening of resilience in communities, municipalities and institutions in Bolivia and Colombia
Bolivia - Colombia - Regional Latin America 1 272 534 European Union OSRO/RLA/701/EC
02/04/2015 Increasing preparedness and resilience of prioritized vulnerable indigenous communities and organizations, with a multi-sectoral approach at local, subnational and national levels in Mamore and Beni watersheds
Bolivia 2 004 340 European Union OSRO/BOL/502/EC
21/03/2014 Rehabilitation and urgent sanitary treatment of livestock in hihg risk, affected by floods in Beni
Bolivia 235 954 CERF OSRO/BOL/401/CHA
30/10/2013 Emergency assistance to vulnerable populations that reported losses in their livelihoods due to drought in the Chaco region and Cochabamba
Bolivia 685 496 CERF OSRO/BOL/303/CHA
30/08/2013 Consolidating local resilience to drought in the Bolivian Chaco. Phase II
Bolivia 341 415 European Union OSRO/BOL/302/EC-ACF
20/04/2013 Emergency humanitarian aid for livelihood recovery and productive rehabilitation of farming communities in Bolivia
Bolivia 117 803 European Union OSRO/BOL/301/EC
23/02/2012 Strengthening the human security of rural communities through the integral support to their resilience, response capacity and food security situation
Bolivia 717 574 Pooled Fund OSRO/BOL/105/UNO