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Signature Date Title Recipient Contribution (USD) Donor Project Code
23/05/2019 Building resilience against agro-terrorism and agro-crime
Global 2 064 580 OIE OSRO/GLO/905/OIE
21/02/2019 Support to Capacity Development on Accountability to Affected Populations (AAP)
Global 221 699 Sweden OSRO/GLO/901/SWE-F
15/02/2019 Building Tripartite International Guidance Tools for the National Implementation of One Health: Surveillance & Information Sharing Operational Tool
Global 610 256 OIE OSRO/GLO/813/OIE
11/02/2019 Sustainable Operationalization of One Health in the Africa Region
Global 699 970 United States of America OSRO/GLO/902/USA
09/11/2018 Risk analysis, risk communication and governance support for sustainable management of AMR
Global 1 346 818 Norway OSRO/GLO/812/NOR
07/06/2018 Risk mapping, monitoring, and early warning for early action for a new threat - Fall armyworm in Africa
Global 1 179 244 Belgium OSRO/GLO/811/BEL
23/04/2018 Support to the Global Food Security Cluster
Global 242 777 Sweden OSRO/GLO/802/SWE
25/01/2018 Rapid diagnostic assessment in areas impacted by the South Sudan refugee Influx in Kenya and Uganda
Global 100 000 World Bank OSRO/GLO/801/WBK
28/11/2017 Collaboration with InsuResilience on Absorb pillar of the UN Climate Resilience (A2R)
Global 235 002 Germany OSRO/GLO/707/GER
25/10/2017 Development and Piloting of an Animal Health-Emergency Operations Center (AH-EOC) Framework
Cameroon - Global 1 133 244 United States of America OSRO/GLO/706/USA
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