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Appui à la production et transformation des produits agricoles en République démocratique du Congo
28/01/2016 - Promouvoir l’autonomie et la résilience des communautés retournées, fixées et hôtes sur l’axe Dungu–Niangara‒Poko.
Project Code: OSRO/DRC/305/UNJ
Donor: Pooled Fund
Recipient Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Contribution: USD 670 000

Latest Project Highlights

Restoring fisheries livelihoods and improving resilience in the Philippines
28/01/2016 - To restore the livelihoods of vulnerable fishing households, reduce their reliance on food aid, enable ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/PHI/409/GER
Donor: Germany
Recipient Country: Philippines
Contribute to strengthen the resilience of communities in the Niger
25/01/2016 - To improve the food security and nutrition of rural populations affected by poverty.
Project Code: OSRO/NER/402/NOR
Donor: Norway
Recipient Country: Niger
Renforcement de la résilience en République du Niger
25/01/2016 - RenfoRenforcer la résilience des populations vulnérables ciblées face aux chocs présents et futurs en améliorant ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/NER/406/FRA
Donor: France
Recipient Country: Niger
Programme LRRD d
21/01/2016 - Soutenir le rapatriement et la réintégration durables des populations affectées par les crises au Burundi ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/BDI/005/EC
Donor: European Union
Recipient Country: Burundi
Fishermen Identification Database System (FIDS) in Somalia
15/01/2016 - To provide a specific biometrics-based fishermen database system for the Puntland Ministry of Fisheries and ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/SOM/303/CPF
Donor: UNDP
Recipient Country: Somalia
Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit for Somalia (FSNAU) – Phase VII USAID-OFDA contribution
15/01/2016 - To ensure that food, nutrition and livelihood security in Somalia is strengthened at household and ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/SOM/403/USA
Donor: United States of America
Recipient Country: Somalia
Emergency livelihood support to crisis-affected populations in South Sudan
28/12/2015 - To increase access to food (staple crops, vegetable, fish and livestock) for crisis-affected populations in ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/SSD/408/CAN
Donor: Canada
Recipient Country: South Sudan
Agroforestry system rehabilitation, community-based tree nurseries establishment and improved food security for communities in Region IVB
22/12/2015 - To restore the local livelihood base and improve food security and nutrition through the rehabilitation ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/PHI/407/FIN
Donor: Finland
Recipient Country: Philippines
Strengthening Food Security Cluster for better disaster preparedness and effective response in Pakistan
16/12/2015 - To enhance the effectiveness of the Food Security Cluster (FSC) towards better preparedness and as ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/PAK/404/WFP
Donor: Pooled Fund
Recipient Country: Pakistan
West Africa regional programme to support livelihood resilience, coordination on food and nutrition security and risk management
15/12/2015 - To strengthen the resilience of populations affected by malnutrition and food insecurity and reduce the ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/RAF/405/USA
Donor: United States of America
Recipient Country: Regional Africa
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