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Project Highlights

Improve food insecure households' resilience in the eastern region of Burkina Faso
27/04/2016 - To improve the food security and nutrition of vulnerable households in the provinces and municipalities affected by crop deficits in ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/BKF/401/AUS
Donor: Austria
Recipient Country: Burkina Faso
Contribution: USD 275 103

Latest Project Highlights

Production and distribution of rice and bean seeds to rural families affected by seasonal floods in Madagascar
10/08/2012 - To improve the food security of the most vulnerable farming families and strengthen farmers’ resilience ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/MAG/804/ITA
Donor: Italy
Recipient Country: Madagascar
Strengthening food security and livelihoods for vulnerable populations in the drought-affected communities in Madagascar
10/08/2012 - To strengthen the resilience of 1 800 vulnerable households (9 000 people) affected by the ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/MAG/904/USA
Donor: United States of America
Recipient Country: Madagascar
Coordination of agricultural emergency preparedness, response and the transition to development in southern Africa
10/08/2012 - To reduce vulnerability and risk to food security by building strong and resilient livelihoods among ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/RAF/005/USA
Donor: United States of America
Recipient Country: Regional Africa
Assistance au Gouvernement du Togo dans la prévention et le contrôle de l’influenza aviaire hautement pathogène
09/08/2012 - Contribuer à la prévention et au contrôle de l’influenza aviaire hautement pathogène (IAHP) menaçant le ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/TOG/801/EC
Donor: European Union
Recipient Country: Togo
Conservation agriculture coordination and advocacy in southern Africa
09/08/2012 - To improve decision-making processes for conservation agriculture (CA) by various stakeholders and at different levels ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/RAF/002/USA
Donor: United States of America
Recipient Country: Regional Africa
Emergency supply of farming inputs to conflict-affected households in eastern Chad
09/08/2012 - To contribute to the stabilization of returnees in their hometowns through assistance in the provision ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/CHD/104/USA
Donor: United States of America
Recipient Country: Chad
Promotion d’activités génératrices de revenus au Tchad
25/07/2012 - Améliorer les revenus des populations bénéficiaires par la fourniture d’outils de transformation des productions agricoles ...read more
Project Code: CHD/09/001/01/34
Donor: UNDP
Recipient Country: Chad
Support to coordination mechanisms, integrating nutrition, gender and food security in Haiti
24/07/2012 - To support the Government in its efforts to promote the local food production capacity of ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/HAI/020/GER
Donor: Germany
Recipient Country: Haiti
Rehabilitación de la seguridad alimentaria y los medios de vida de la población más pobre en Timor-Leste – Phase 2
23/07/2012 - Continuar las actividades llevadas a cabo con el proyecto OSRO/TIM/801/SPA, así como mejorar la seguridad ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/TIM/902/SPA
Donor: Spain
Recipient Country: Timor-Leste
Support to reduce the impact of food insecurity for Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip
19/07/2012 - To improve the food security and livelihoods of targeted vulnerable households through the provision of ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/GAZ/010/NOR
Donor: Norway
Recipient Country: West Bank & Gaza Strip