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FAO Resilience Programme in Somalia
30/05/2016 - To support beneficiary households and communities diversify income sources and livelihood strategies, increase food production in a sustainable manner or ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/SOM/415/NOR
Donor: Norway
Recipient Country: Somalia
Contribution: USD 1 686 899

Latest Project Highlights

Livelihood support to earthquake-affected rural families in Haiti
29/08/2012 - To contribute to a self-regulated recovery of livelihoods of the targeted population that was affected ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/HAI/018/FIN
Donor: Finland
Recipient Country: Haiti
Emergency assistance to vulnerable households affected by soaring food process and low 2007/08 agricultural production in West Africa
28/08/2012 - To improve food security, vulnerability analysis and consensus building for coherent and coordinated emergency actions. ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/RAF/902/USA
Donor: United States of America
Recipient Country: Regional Africa
Food security support to 28 000 vulnerable households affected by drought and soaring food prices in Ethiopia
22/08/2012 - To contribute to the improved food security, livelihoods and income status of 28 000 households ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/ETH/905/USA
Donor: United States of America
Recipient Country: Ethiopia
Improvement of pastoralists
22/08/2012 - To contribute to livelihood protection of pastoralists in Ethiopia’s Somali and Oromia Regions through the ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/ETH/906/USA
Donor: United States of America
Recipient Country: Ethiopia
Coordination of agriculture emergency prepared ness, prevention and risk mitigation, emergency response and the transition to development in southern Africa
22/08/2012 - To enable FAO Subregional Emergency Office for Southern Africa (REOSA) to provide technical, coordination and ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/RAF/107/USA
Donor: United States of America
Recipient Country: Regional Africa
Support to small-scale irrigation development in Eritrea
21/08/2012 - To improve farmers’ water management capacity and increase economic returns through irrigation farming.
Project Code: OSRO/ERI/101/UK
Donor: United Kingdom
Recipient Country: Eritrea
Emergency animal health, commercial and slaughter destocking in Kenya
20/08/2012 - To improve the short- and long-term food security of pastoral communities in northern, upper eastern ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/KEN/104/USA
Donor: United States of America
Recipient Country: Kenya
Renforcement des moyens de subsistance des ménag es vulnérables au Niger
20/08/2012 - To contribute to improving the food security of households affected by the 2010 food crisis. ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/NER/102/FIN
Donor: Finland
Recipient Country: Niger
Livelihood support to agropastoral and riverine households in southern Somalia
20/08/2012 - To rehabilitate productive assets and reinforce coping mechanisms of drought- and famine-affected communities in southern ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/SOM/119/USA
Donor: United States of America
Recipient Country: Somalia
Conservation agriculture (CA), coordination and advocacy in southern Africa
16/08/2012 - To enhance households and national food security while combating the potential impact of climate change ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/RAF/108/USA
Donor: United States of America
Recipient Country: Regional Africa