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Emergency recovery support to restart livelihoods, income generation and food self-sufficiency and to build the resilience of small-scale rice- and corn-based farming communities in Leyte province of Region VIII severely affected by Typhoon Haiyan
23/07/2015 - To restore the livelihoods of small-scale rice and corn farming communities severely affected by Typhoon Haiyan in Leyte province of ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/PHI/305/UK
Donor: United Kingdom
Recipient Country: Philippines
Contribution: USD 3 305 239

Latest Project Highlights

Emergency assistance to support flood-affected vulnerable farmers in Pakistan
19/12/2011 - To provide critical agricultural inputs, including seeds, fertilizers and livestock supplies to flood-affected and food-insecure ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/PAK/012/UK
Donor: United Kingdom
Recipient Country: Pakistan
Improving rural livelihoods through an integrated farming approach in Zimbabwe
16/12/2011 - To improve the livelihood security of small-scale communal farming households in selected districts of Zimbabwe. ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/ZIM/001/SPA
Donor: Spain
Recipient Country: Zimbabwe
Asistencia de urgencia para salvaguardar los medios de subsistencia de las poblaciones vulnerables de con déficit agropastoral de Níger
12/12/2011 - Contribuir, en una situación de urgencia, a la protección de los medios de subsistencia y ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/NER/005/SPA
Donor: Spain
Recipient Country: Niger
UNEP and Partners in Sudan Joint Programme on Environment and Natural Resources Management: Darfur Timber and Energy Project
08/12/2011 - To assist displaced populations and conflict-affected communities in Darfur to obtain and use fuel wood ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/SUD/823/UEP
Donor: Pooled Fund
Recipient Country: Sudan
Support to the control of contagious bovine pleuropneumonia (CBPP) in Uganda
06/12/2011 - To protect one of the most important sources of livelihoods and income in the Karamoja. ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/UGA/807/IRE
Donor: Ireland
Recipient Country: Uganda
Support to the most food insecurity prone populations affected by drought and current soaring food prices in Regional Africa
29/11/2011 - To secure a minimum food production capacity by supporting agriculture and livestock operations, providing agricultural ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/RAF/814/ITA
Donor: Italy
Recipient Country: Regional Africa
Emergency support to reintergration of returnees, IDPs host communities in Sudan
15/11/2011 - To facilitate the re-integration of returnees; enable returnees, IDPs and vulnerable host communities to sustain ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/SUD/804/CHF
Donor: Pooled Fund
Recipient Country: Sudan
Emergency Rehabilitation of Agricultural Production in Haiti after the Earthquake in Haiti
11/11/2011 - To contribute to enhance food self-sufficiency for the population affected by the 12 January 2010 ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/HAI/009/JPN
Donor: Japan
Recipient Country: Haiti
Support to aquaculture rehabilitation in districts highly affected by Floods in Lao People
11/11/2011 - To revive and improve the livelihoods of the most vulnerable and foodinsecure households in the ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/LAO/802/SWE
Donor: Sweden
Recipient Country: Laos
Réhabilitation des capacités de production alimentaire de ménages affectés par le conflit et les aléas climatiques en République Démocratique du Congo
09/11/2011 - Améliorer la sécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelle de 7 100 familles affectées par les déplacements et ...read more
Project Code: OSRO/DRC/814/UNJ
Donor: Pooled Fund
Recipient Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo