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Project Highlights

Household recovery reinforcement and support to Emergency Response Coordination in the Niger
28/08/2014 - To meet the needs of comprehensive situation analysis, appropriate targeting and information sharing to reinforce FAO’s response to crises and ...read more
Donor: United States of America
Recipient Country: Niger
Contribution: USD 500 001

Latest Project Highlights

Projet d’appui à la prévention et à la lutte contre la grippe aviaire au Gabon
07/02/2011 - Contribuer à limiter les risques de pandémie de grippe humaine d’origine aviaire en participant à ...read more
Donor: European Union
Recipient Country: Gabon
Assistance agricole d’urgence aux ménages affectés par le conflit (déplacés, retournés récents, familles d’accueil) en Haiti
04/02/2011 - Améliorer la sécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelle des personnes affectées par le conflit en appuyant les ...read more
Immediate support for endangered livelihoods of food insecure farmers, herders and fisherfolk in the West Bank & Gaza Strip
03/02/2011 - To alleviate food insecurity and enhance the resilience of the most vulnerable households through an ...read more
Donor: United Kingdom
Recipient Country: West Bank & Gaza Strip
Emergency procurement of pesticides for the pest management in Afghanistan
02/02/2011 - To improve food security in the areas of Afghanistan where potatoes are a major crop ...read more
Donor: Norway
Recipient Country: Afghanistan
Emergency response to support small-scale farmers and herders affected by drought in Syria
02/02/2011 - To support the livelihoods and food security of the most destitute drought affected farmers and ...read more
Donor: Spain
Recipient Country: Syria
Distribution de plants de bananiers et de semences de haricots aux producteurs en Haiti
27/01/2011 - Fournir aux producteurs victimes des catastrophes naturelles une assistance par la distribution de plants de ...read more
Donor: France
Recipient Country: Haiti
Support to flood-affected farming communities in the Philippines
25/01/2011 - To sustainably restore and strengthen the food security of flood-affected families through the provision of ...read more
Donor: Spain
Recipient Country: Philippines
Rapid Response Rehabilitation of Rural Livelihoods in Somalia
20/01/2011 - To increase crop and livestock production in areas affected by the food crisis in Somalia. ...read more
Donor: World Bank
Recipient Country: Somalia
Supporting farmers adapt to climate change through conservation agriculture in Regional Africa
17/01/2011 - To improve food security and strengthen the livelihoods of vulnerable farming communities in Southern Africa. ...read more
Donor: Sweden
Recipient Country: Regional Africa
Enhancing the adaptive livelihood and coping mechanisms of conflict-affected populations in Sudan
17/01/2011 - To enhance the adaptive livelihood and coping mechanisms of conflict-affected populations (including IDPs, returnees and ...read more
Donor: United States of America
Recipient Country: Sudan