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Dispatch Date Title Recipient Contribution (USD) Donor Project Code
28/06/2018 Emergency drought response in Somalia
Somalia 1 871 735 Australia OSRO/SOM/708/AUL
13/06/2017 Emergency assistance to support the agricultural livelihood recovery of affected families in the outer islands of Tuvalu
Tuvalu 129 345 Australia OSRO/TUV/501/AUL
18/03/2016 Assistance through FAO for the control of rabies in Indonesia
Indonesia 451 396 Australia OSRO/INS/102/AUL
22/10/2014 Improving livelihood of affected people in CAR through the support to the production of vegetables and staple food crops and promoting better access to the markets
Central African Republic 825 486 Australia OSRO/CAF/101/AUL
24/09/2014 Supporting sustainable livelihood development for recently resettled war-affected populations in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka 1 893 853 Australia OSRO/SRL/201/AUL
11/02/2014 Food security monitoring system – strengthening the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) in Central African Republic
Central African Republic 213 814 Australia OSRO/CAF/102/AUL
07/05/2013 Emergency livelihood assistance to support flood-affected vulnerable farmers in Pakistan
Pakistan 4 764 303 Australia OSRO/PAK/107/AUL
10/04/2013 Support to crop production, livestock keeping and income generation for displaced families in Yemen
Yemen 1 604 700 Australia OSRO/YEM/101/AUL
13/03/2013 Livelihood support to famine affected households in south-central Somalia
Somalia 2 095 200 Australia OSRO/SOM/109/AUL
13/02/2013 Restablecimiento de la producción de alimentos y los medios de vida en Guatemala
Guatemala 792 150 Australia OSRO/GUA/004/AUL
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