Project Highlights

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Dispatch Date Title Recipient Contribution (USD) Donor Project Code
06/07/2017 Promoting local food purchases for food assistance on the African continent – Purchase from Africans for Africa (Phase II)
Regional Africa 2 888 407 Brazil OSRO/RAF/202/BRA
10/05/2017 Strengthening family farming as an agro-food model for food self-sufficiency and generation of surpluses connected to institutional markets and supported by local governments as a state policy
Colombia 454 523 Brazil OSRO/COL/403/BRA
04/07/2016 Strengthening the domestic systems of production and supply of quality seeds/plant material among Haitian smallholders
Haiti 300 000 Brazil OSRO/HAI/302/BRA
04/11/2015 Consultant support to strengthening family farming in the Philippines
Philippines 82 000 Brazil OSRO/PHI/408/BRA
23/01/2015 Promoting local food purchases for food assistance on the African continent – purchase from Africans for Africa
Regional Africa 3 666 963 Brazil OSRO/RAF/202/BRA
05/02/2013 Immediate support to agricultural production and food security in Haiti
Haiti 2 000 000 Brazil OSRO/HAI/008/BRA
30/10/2012 Proyecto de emergencia para la recuperación de la capacidad productiva y medios de vida en El Salvador
El Salvador 100 000 Brazil OSRO/ELS/101/BRA
30/10/2012 Apoyo para la recuperación de los sistemas productivos agrícolas familiares de 1 000 familias afectadas por la depresión 12-E en Guatemala
Guatemala 100 000 Brazil OSRO/GUA/102/BRA
19/09/2012 Reactivación de la economía local de las familias rurales en Guatemala
Guatemala 500 000 Brazil OSRO/GUA/005/BRA
05/07/2012 Reactivación de los medios de vida de pequeños agricultores en Guatemala
Guatemala 400 000 Brazil OSRO/GUA/003/BRA