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Signature Date Title Recipient Contribution (USD) Donor Project Code
30/12/2014 Upgrade of the Central Veterinary Laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Palestinian Authority for animal disease control and human health protection
West Bank & Gaza Strip 274 093 Unilateral Trust Fund UTF /GAZ/007/GAZ
29/07/2014 Emergency support to low resilience urban and peri-urban livelihoods in the Gaza Strip through small scale domestic food production
West Bank & Gaza Strip 267 379 Spain OSRO/GAZ/405/SPA
01/04/2014 Capacity building programme in support of the Palestinian National Authority – Sanitary and Phyto-Sanitary (SPS) measures (PART I)
West Bank & Gaza Strip 1 367 658 The Netherlands OSRO/GAZ/402/NET
31/03/2014 Prepare and respond to shocks affecting low resilience farmers and herders in West Bank and Gaza Strip
West Bank & Gaza Strip 8 928 571 Canada OSRO/GAZ/401/CAN
06/11/2013 Enhancing the resilience of farmers' livelihoods through improved water availability and management in WBGS
West Bank & Gaza Strip 2 951 999 United Kingdom OSRO/GAZ/305/UK
01/09/2013 Quick impact emergency interventions to protect the endangered livelihoods of poor and small scale farmers in Gaza Strip
West Bank & Gaza Strip 260 756 Spain OSRO/GAZ/304/SPA