Project Highlights

Dispatch Date Title Recipient Contribution (USD) Donor Project Code
25/01/2011 Support to flood-affected farming communities in the Philippines
Philippines 471 000 Spain OSRO/PHI/803/SPA
20/01/2011 Rapid Response Rehabilitation of Rural Livelihoods in Somalia
Somalia 7 000 000 World Bank OSRO/SOM/808/WBK
17/01/2011 Supporting farmers adapt to climate change through conservation agriculture in Regional Africa
Regional Africa 1 097 392 Sweden OSRO/RAF/810/SWE
17/01/2011 Enhancing the adaptive livelihood and coping mechanisms of conflict-affected populations in Sudan
Sudan 3 000 000 United States of America OSRO/SUD/820/USA
12/01/2011 Proyecto de apoyo a la reactivación de la agricultura y la realización de las buenas prácticas agrícolas en Haití
Haiti 737 463 Spain OSRO/HAI/704/SPA
11/01/2011 Assistance agricole à la réinstallation des rapatriés et aux ménages vulnérables victimes des aléas climatiques au Burundi
Burundi 1 323 104 European Union OSRO/BDI/904/EC
10/01/2011 Restoration of production capacity and food security for farmers and fishers in Myanmar
Myanmar 1 295 584 Sweden OSRO/MYA/902/SWE
10/01/2011 Emergency agriculture assistance to resettled farmers in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka 360 140 United Kingdom OSRO/SRL/903/UK
10/01/2011 Immediate support to dry season crop production for small-scale farmers in Myanmar
Myanmar 421 941 Austria OSRO/MYA/904/AUS
05/01/2011 Enhancing improved community-based environmental prevention, restoration and protection activities in Sudan
Sudan 960 119 Italy OSRO/SUD/813/ITA