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FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia

Informal Consultation for Europe and Central Asia

Budapest, Hungary, 16/05/2019 - 17/05/2019

Given the limited presence of FAO at country level in the Europe and Central Asia region, informal consultations are a means by which the Regional Office and member countries can interact between sessions of the European Regional Conference. Used successfully since 2010, informal consultations have been well received by both beneficiary and donor countries in the region.

The 2019 consultation will focus on reviewing the implementation of FAO priorities and Regional Initiatives for Europe and Central Asia, and their future scope. Members of the region will have the opportunity to review the ongoing work for 2018 and 2019. The secretariat will also report on the ongoing UN reform and its implications and opportunities for FAO in the region, as well as the progress implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the region, and FAO’s support in this context.

The outcome of the consultation on future priorities and adjustments of the Regional Initiatives will feed into the discussion of the regional Programme of Work and Budget 2020-21 which will be presented to the 32nd Regional Conference for Europe in 2020.


Session 2

IC/19/4 - Update on the Implementation of the PWB 2018-19

IC/19/5 - Summary Note of the Regional Gender Equality Strategy and Action Plan (2019–2022)

IC/19/6 - FAO regional strategies for climate finance flow in Europe and Central Asia: GCF and GEF-7

Session 3

IC/19/7 - Review of the FAO programmatic framework for 2020–2021 for Europe and Central Asia

Groupwork discussions

Session 4

IC/19/8 - Regional Technical Commissions’ Contribution to the Regional Priorities

Session 5

IC/19/9 - Review the progress on FAO’s support to SDG nationalization and monitoring in the region

IC/19/10 - UN reform and implications for FAO in the region

Session 6

IC/19/11 -  Provisional Annotated Agenda, Forty-first Session of the European Commission on Agriculture (ECA), Budapest, Hungary, 1–2 October 2019

IC/19/12 -  Agenda of the Thirty-second Session of the Regional Conference for Europe