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World Food Day talks 2020 – principles for a long and nourishing life

Virtual event , 14/10/2020 - 14/10/2020

Time: 14:00-15:30 CEST

2020 was expected to be a festive year with FAO, as well as the UN system, turning 75. Major events, and all kinds of activities were planned involving many people, but life has made us reshuffle our cards.

As the new coronavirus strain (also known as COVID-19) broke out and was declared a pandemic, FAO had to reconsider its way of working and living, by doing these mostly from home. Still, FAO has not given up its mandate, it is committed to supporting vulnerable rural families, farmers and governments, and continued providing in-kind assistance and knowledge in the areas of food and agriculture – as has been the norm since 1945.

During its 75 years of existence, FAO has relied on certain core principles that aid in such transformations and transitions. On 14 October, World Food Day talks will bring together renowned speakers from all over the world to share why resilience, sustainability, and innovation are pertinent and what these can bring to everyone’s life, even in times of crisis.

     Dominique Burgeon, Director of FAO’s Office of Emergencies and Resilience
     Kristie Ebie, professor and researcher, the University of Washington
     Alanna Koch, Board Chair, Global Institute for Food Security

The virtual event will be webcast via Youtube

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