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New e-learning course: ‘Resolving contentious trade issues’

“Resolving trade issues through international and regional trade related agreements in the Commonwealth of Independent States” is the latest e-learning course being offered by FAO and UNITAR. Registration for the online course – which will take place during June – is open now and until 22 May, at the course website.

As the countries in the post-Soviet region become increasingly engaged in international trade through membership in the World Trade Organization or other trade agreements, proper implementation of trade rules turns out to be vitally important in ensuring transparency and predictability of trade flows. The new course aims to equip participants with a better understanding of the various means of addressing contentious issues arising in food trade.

Course participants will learn about the different binding and non-binding mediation and dispute settlement tools, set practical guidelines to identify options, and design the necessary actions to ensure proper application of the trade rules affecting import and export of agricultural and food products.

“We have very high hopes for this course, especially since the topic was suggested by participants in our two earlier e-courses as something that would be of high value to the countries,” said Ekaterina Krivonos, economist with FAO’s Trade and Markets Division.

To ensure a learning experience that reflects reality, the course will be facilitated by international experts with a wealth of practical experience.  Training activities will include case study exercises, discussion forums, and assessment quizzes. The four-week course – which will be conducted in Russian language – runs from 1 to 26 June 2015 on the UNITAR e-learning platform. Each participant is expected to work through the learning objectives at his or her own pace. 

The course has limited slots available. It is designed for government officials from ministries of agriculture, ministries of trade, sanitary and phytosanitary authorities, and other entities involved in addressing and resolving trade issues related to agriculture in the CIS countries.  It also targets representatives of producer associations and agro-industry.

This is the third e-learning course offered free of charge as part of FAO’s Regional Initiative on Agri-Food Trade and Regional Integration. In spring and autumn of 2014 close to 200 participants from government, academia and the private sector completed five-week e-learning courses on “WTO accession and implications for agriculture in CIS countries.”

For more information or to register, please visit: www.unitar.org/fao-cis.

17 April 2015, Budapest, Hungary

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