Evaluation at FAO

Evaluations in FAO aim to provide credible, useful and evidence-based analyses that feed into the policy and practice of FAO and its partners, therefore helping to achieve sustainable reduction of poverty and hunger, in line with the Organization’s agreed goals and strategic objectives.

Country programme evaluations

Country Programme Evaluations
Evaluation of FAO’s Strategic Results Framework

Evaluation of FAO’s Strategic Results Framework

FAO’s Strategic Framework, designed in 2013, aimed to position the Organization more strategically and address the facts that its programmatic activities were defined along silo-like disciplinary lines and that corporate efforts were not clearly aligned with country programme priorities. The rationale behind the Strategic Framework was sound and recent evaluations confirm the value of having Strategic Objectives that capitalize on FAO’s technical excellence to drive its engagement at country level and to achieve the Strategic Development Goals (SDGs). Read more...

Evaluación de la estrategia y visión de la labor de la FAO en materia de nutrición

Evaluation of the Strategy and Vision for FAO's Work in Nutrition

This evaluation appraises progress achieved on the implementation of the Strategy and Vision for FAO's Work on Nutrition since it was adopted in 2012. It found that FAO's nutrition-sensitive work has grown significantly since the Strategy was promulgated, and has evolved towards more deliberate efforts to address all forms of malnutrition. Read more...

Evaluation of FAO’s contribution to SDG2

Evaluation of FAO’s contribution to SDG2

The FAO Office of evaluation is currently working at the evaluation looking at FAO’s contribution to Sustainable Development Goal 2 - “End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture” (SDG2 Evaluation), as requested by the 125th session of the FAO Programme Committee, which also recommended FAO to integrate relevant UN agencies and development partners in the process. Read more...

Evaluación de las contribuciones de la FAO a la República de Uganda

Evaluation of FAO's contributions to the Republic of Uganda

This evaluation assesses the totality of FAO's cooperation with the Republic of Uganda through the Country Programming Framework (CPF) 2015-2019, including the relevance of its programmes in relation to national needs and challenges. Read more...

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