Family Farming Knowledge Platform

Center for support of indigenous peoples of the North CSIPN

Type of Organization: Civil society
Areas of work: Indigenous peoples, Natural resources, Pastoralism
Region: Moskow
Country: Russian Federation
The main objective of the Center is to help the indigenous people of the North and their communities to transition to the new market conditions of management in modern Russian reality through professional training, the creation of distance education programs, joint management and profits. Organization of the work of the Center will be founded on the basis of the same methods and technologies that have already proven to be highly effective in Aboriginal Canada: training, search and collection of funds for various programs and projects, management and co-management, income generation and marketing, programming economic regional programs development in the local context. For successful implementation of all plans Training Centre will work in close contact and cooperation with all the regional offices of the Association, ethnic organizations, tribal communities and national economies of the indigenous peoples of the North.