Family Farming Knowledge Platform

Tanzania Food Gardening Network TaFoGa Net

Type of Organization: Non-governmental organization
Areas of work: Agricultural and rural legislation, Education, Food and nutrition, Food chains, Indigenous peoples
Region: Africa
Country: United Republic of Tanzania
Tanzania Food Gardening Network is a registered platform of mix actors from the community, government and market sectors coming together to promote rural-urban, city and environs agriculture, food security and livestock matters that came into being after its official registration with the Registrar of NGO's in the Government of Tanzania under NGOs Act 2002 in 23rd July 2011. The organisation vision is to see "a strong, effective platform of empowered Medium & Small-scale rural-urban producers with united voice in policies and best practices contributing to the rural-urban producers and farmers economy and the country as a whole. Mission statement TaFoGa Net exist to work with members and non members to increase and enhance efforts in coordination and collaboration with different Networks in Tanzania civil society as well as other stakeholders to influence policy and practice change on crucial issues affecting rural-urban producers (men and women) & other stakeholders through learning, communicating and advocating. Overall Goal Improved rural-urban smallholder farmers capacity to organise themselves in order to defend their interests and to increase their incomes.