Family Farming Knowledge Platform

Women Unlimited

Type of Organization: Non-governmental organization
Areas of work: Agricultural and rural legislation, Education, Rural women, Social protection and rural development, Small family farmers
Region: Africa
Country: Eswatini
OUR VISION To attain economic emancipation, social freedom, balance and equitable representation for all women and marginalised groups in Swaziland and Southern Africa. OUR MISSION  We exist to contribute to social and economic development of the communities and the country through developing, supporting and implementing programmes and projects to address the identified constrains.  To carry on the business of empowering, women, children, the elderly and the disabled through capacity building initiatives, training programs, business start-ups, agrarian programmes and fostering gender equality. Summary Statement for WOMEN UNLIMTED Swaziland Chapter Page 6  To specifically target women who are HIV positive as well as women and children affected by the disease for relevant intervention.  We aim to create and promote income generating projects and business to finance the organization’s programmes and operations.  We seek to facilitate prompt supply of food, water, shelter, medication and health services as well as clothing to disadvantaged communities.  We strive to spearhead policy formulation on gender mainstreaming and marginalised groups in Swaziland and the region.  We look forward to improving water and sanitation for identified communities as well as health and hygiene and generate a conducive environment for cultural growth and exchange.  We seek to facilitate linkages with donor and financing institutions to further our mission and distribute such funds to beneficiaries.