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Irish Seed Savers Association CLG ISSA

Type of Organization: Non-governmental organization
Areas of work: Agricultural and rural legislation, Agroecology, Education, Food and nutrition, Food chains
Region: Scariff
Country: Ireland
Irish Seed Savers Association's mission is to carry on the preservation and saving of open pollinated heritage vegetable seed and fruit tree varieties; to cultivate and research food varieties of plant material, to provide training programmes on horticulture and biodiversity; to produce seed and fruit trees and make them available to the Irish and international community; to save as wide a spectrum [as possible] of food plant genetic resources for future generations. We carry this out by carrying out the following: (a) Protect, conserve, research and utilise seed, grain, vegetable and fruit varieties. (b) Increase awareness, provide education, and promote the benefits of: - Agricultural genetic resources - Biodiversity - Open pollenated seed saving (c) Be a working example of successful agricultural conservation by growing and distributing Irish grown seed and fruit varieties.