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Ibar Development Association IDA

Type of Organization: Non-governmental organization
Areas of work: Agricultural and rural legislation
Region: Kraljevo
Country: Serbia
Ibar Development Association ’IDA’ was founded on 16th August 2001 as citizens’ association in Serbia. Organization is registered as non-profit, non-political and non-religious organization. Organization is active since 2002. Organization’s mission is: Ibar Development Association in cooperation with partner organizations contribute on equal development of Serbia and high quality life of all citizens, with respect towards traditional values, sustainable use of natural resources and respecting of local population’s needs. Organization’s vision is: IDA through active participation ensures sustainable development of Serbia, mainly its rural areas, with active cooperation with partner organizations, respecting the needs of local population, traditional heritage, cultural and ethnical diversity of this area. During its work, IDA will base its actions on the values which will provide transparency, respect of individual’s rights and collective rights, using all gained knowledge and ideas which can contribute to local community’s development. Main sectors of activities are: • rural development, • promotion and support of sustainable economical development, • promotion potentials of rural areas, • promotion of cultural and historical values, • promotion and protection of human rights and rights on equal opportunity of all citizens, • supporting inter-municipality cooperation and international cooperation of municipalities, • supporting local initiatives, • environment protection and ecology, • development of economical activities in protected areas, • supporting protection of traditional agricultural products as PDO and PGI • strategic planning and • improvment capacities of local communities in different sectors (agriculture, environemt, rural development).