Family Farming Knowledge Platform

The Network of National Coordination Committee of the International Year of Family Farming Plus 10 The Gambia Network of NCC-IYFF+10 The Gambia

Type of Organization: Civil society
Areas of work: Agricultural and rural legislation, Agroecology, Agroforestry, Education, Food and nutrition
Region: Africa
Country: Gambia
The network of NCC-IYFF +10 The Gambia is a platform for policy dialogue established in 2013 officially recognized by The Gambia Government has a Network in 2016. It has a variety of membership includ following representatives from The private sector, University Of The Gambia, Farmers organizations, Youth organisations, Women organization, consortium of NGOs, parliamentarian representative, UN agencies by FAO, Ministry of Agriculture, National Agricultural research institute and IFAD funded projects coordinating committee representative. Activities: coordinate the implementation of the NAP-UNDFF developed and adopted under the leadership of the Network of NCC-IYFF The Gambia is among the 4 countries at global level which the NAP of UNDFF has been adopted Advocacy and lobbying to ensure proper support and financial directly and adequate investment plan for family farming. Established knowledge centre on Organic Agro-ecology forestry pastoralism and fisheries , the Network is developing the Gambia Agricultural and Market Information System (GAMIS). Capacity building and knowledge transfer of best practice