Family Farming Knowledge Platform

National Association of Farmers of Sierra Leone NAFSL

Type of Organization: Non-governmental organization
Areas of work: Agricultural and rural legislation
Region: Africa
Country: Sierra Leone
The National Association of Farmers of Sierra Leone (NAFSL), founded in 1976 as an umbrella organization for farmer’s organizations (FO’s) and agricultural producers at village level, to promote local initiatives of small farmers and help building their capacities with knowledge and skills to lobby and advocate by themselves, with decision makers at national, regional and international levels to achieve sustainable agricultural productivity and ensure food security, job creation and income generation. NAFSL is registered with the government line Ministry of Finance, Development and Economic planning and also the Sierra Leone Non-Governmental Organization (SLANGO). NAFSL became member of the National Platform of the Network of Peasant workers and Agricultural producer’s organization of West Africa (ROPPA) in March 2007. Its primary objective is therefore to improve farmers livelihoods through sustainable increases in agricultural production and productivity, as well as promoting competitiveness, and markets.