Family Farming Knowledge Platform

Alackal farma, Manimala ALACKAL

Type of Organization: Community supported Agriculture CSA
Areas of work: Small family farmers
Region: Asia and the Pacific
Country: India
Brief description of Alackal group project: Introduction: This idea of the project put forward by Mr. Bijoy George considering the economic crisis prevailing among medium scale Kerala agriculture farmers. Most of the farmers depends on one crop (Rubber) and the low demand of their produce deteriorate their income year by year. The vision of the project is generating an income proportionate to the effort and dedication put by each farmer and investor. The vision propagate under the slogan “Minimum area maximum productivity” Fact is that on an average each farmer holding 4 acres of land and generating an income that just meets their basic necessities only. Mission: To multiply productivity of land by implementing different and income generating farming activity. Reduce the human effort by mechanizing the fields; implementing vertical integration to control external environmental influence and proper supply chain management.