Family Farming Knowledge Platform

MT Atlas Horticulture Initiative Organization LTD (MAHIO) MAHIO

Type of Organization: Farmers' organization
Areas of work: Agricultural and rural legislation
Region: Africa
Country: Uganda
MT. Atlas horticulture Innitiative Organisation Ltd was started in 2017, in Kamuli district with the aim of empowering the women and youth (18-35years) by actively involving them in maize, soya bean, amaranths and cassava and honey production and supply. Mt. Atlas Horticultural Initiative Organization (MAHIO) is also an active member of AWAN-Afrika. the orgarnisation is dealing with youth and women farmer groups 90% of the members are youth and women, Mt. Atlas horticulture Innitiative organization was registered on 23-05-2018 as accompany limited by guarantee under Reg no: 80020000996106, the main source of funds include; membership contributions, contracts with Kamuli District local government and other NGOs, and donations. In line with the need of Kamuli to address these impacts and the international commitments of Uganda, MAHIO is integrated into good development practice of empowering the youth and women actively involving them into Maize, soya bean and apiary farming as a business. Maize, cassava, soya bean and apiary farming are enterprises grown and reared by our farmer groups. VISION: COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT FOR SUSTAINABLE COMMERCIAL FARMING MISSION: TO LOBBY, ADVOCATE AND CAPACITY BUILDING OF FARMER'S GROUPS, AGRO-INDUSTRIES THROUGH EFFICIENT AGRICULTURAL SERVICES LOCATION; The organisation is having offices located near the Kamuli Agri-business Development Association (KAIDA) offices as you are heading to the District Headquarters, saza road Kamuli district. Uganda The main activities of MAHIO include the following;- • Training farmer groups in modern farming techniques in production and productivity • Setting up demonstrations sites • Sensitizing farmers mainly the youth about HIV/AIDS, gender and environment related issues for both males and females. The main objects for which the organisation is to establish: - (a) The advancement of education through the promotion of knowledge, skill and practice of horticulture and arboriculture in Uganda for educational purposes relating to all aspects of horticulture and arboriculture; (b) The protection of the natural environment, through the promotion and encouragement of environmental protection and sustainability in gardening practice; (c) The advancement of education and heritage through the promotion of and assistance in the restoration and maintenance of gardens for the use and education of the general public. OBJECTIVES 1. Promoting good and safe water facilities for production such as irrigation and community domestic usage 2. Poverty eradication through precise commercial farming. 3. To strengthen a sustainable farmer cantered innovative system for increased productivity, household incomes and export market exploitation 4. Build capacity of farmer groups for effective delivery of innovative services 5. Empowering farmers and other value actors in the crop production chain (youth, women and vulnerable groups) to effectively participate in crop production processes, livestock and build their capacity to demand for services 6. Food security and health nutrition through continuous crop production 7. To improve farmers’ income and welfare through increased quality services 8. Climate change management 9. Creation of employment for (youth, women, and vulnerable including refugees) 10. Domestic, gender, violence management and livelihood through proper guidance and counseling 11. Fishing innovations 12. Education and Research MAHIO LTD has been caring out projects in capacity building, MAHIO have the capacity to handle and implement huge funds. We have never received grant, all the projects for MAHIO LTD Uganda have been through another agency directly with farmer groups Our Ongoing projects: 1. Scaling up rural youth access to inclusive financial services for entrepreneurship and employment EAFF implementer and IFAD funding agency Contact person Waigolo Joshua CEO-MAHIO 2. VALUE4HER project Strengthening Women-Led Agribusinesses in ACP Implemented by AWAN and AWIEF Funded by CTA