Family Farming Knowledge Platform

Cameroon Vision Trust CAMVISION Trust

Type of Organization: Civil society
Areas of work: Education
Region: Africa
Country: Cameroon
The Cameroon Vision (CAMVISION) Trust is a scientific, technical and awareness building Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that contributes to local, national and international efforts to combat the escalating global environmental and water crisis. We undertake research and promote information and knowledge to increase the understanding and stimulate actions on world water and environmental issues. We are interdisciplinary in focus, local in origin and global in scope. Our work is based on the knowledge and experience gained through close collaboration/cooperation with communities, universities, technical societies and scientific institutions from around the world. We educate communities, decision makers and stakeholders about the need to act and limit the escalating environmental and water crisis and emphasizes that actions must be based on Integrated Scientific Knowledge in a way that communities, politicians, decision makers and other stakeholders can understand. We facilitate actions on water and environmental related problems in communities across Cameroon in particular and Africa in general. CAMVISION Trust also increases awareness among a variety of audience by disseminating knowledge and information on water and environmental problems, their implication and possible solutions.