Глобальная платформа фермерских полевых школ

Sharing experiences on improving Nutrition through farmer field schools

05/03/2020 05/03/2020

Faced with the many challenges related to malnutrition and food insecurity, FAO explored how the Farmer Field School (FFS) approach could be used to improve nutrition security among smallholder farmers.

The diverse experience developed globally to educate and sensitize producers on nutrition through the FFS highlights a fragmentation of information and several methods of implementation. These experiences can be collocated between two extremes: i) FFSs which are fully focused on nutrition and thus all preparatory activities, the constitution of the producer groups and the training activities include no other element than nutrition; ii) FFSs whose main topic is different from nutrition (e.g. integrated management of production and pests, climate, agro-biodiversity, livestock, etc.) and where nutrition is considered as a special topic. 

Objectives of the webinar.

Within this framework, FAO’s Plant Production and Protection Division (AGP), under the Global FFS platform, invite you to a webinar addressed to all field workers, nutritionists and FFS experts who are interested to improve nutrition security among smallholder producers through participatory approaches.